20 February, 2011

20th Feb. Just walked

Great Discovery?!
2月20日 大発見?!

It was the third Sunday in Niuafo’ou. I am still here...

I went to a different church than before.

A Niua-High-School teacher Ma’asa was preaching a sermon

Tongans’ voices are very loud. Even if there are a few people, they can sing very well.
[Movie]Singing動画:(14 sec)

After that, I went back to my accommodation, and ate lunch then Miki and I went for a walk to the eastern area. This is the road to Fata’ulua village, it takes 20 minutes to get there and nothing special.

I thought it’s boring today as well, but on the way back from Fata’ulua, we found that one lady was ironing. How outdated the iron is! As you know, there is no electricity in Niuafo’ou, so

She burns a coconut and makes a charcoal then puts it in the iron. I saw it at a museum in Japan. In Niuafo’ou it’s still working.

In addition, we saw the chickens fighting. It was my first time to see fighting chickens.
I might be happy today.
[Movie]Fighting Chicken動画:(21 sec)

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