28 February, 2011

28th Feb. The final day of February

The final day of February
2月28日 2月最終日

After work, I visited the JICA dormitory and met Miyuki, who is a Ha’apai volunteer and is working for a kindergarten. I gave her No.279 YAMANEKO doll, which is a “Kindergarten Edition”. 

I prepared two types of YAMANEKO and she chose this one. I received her request last October, but I was busy at that time and she moved to Ha’apai so she has been waiting for a long time. Thank you for waiting.

At night, I drank “TAFI BEER”. This is my favorite beer in Tonga, because it’s cheaper than the others and much bigger.
  The YAMANEKO on the beer is my original and the YAMANEKO on the bottle is the other kindergarten edition YAMANEKO, which Miyuki didn’t choose.

Today was the final day of February so I turned over the pages of the calendar. I found that the calendar came from my city in Osaka. This is my childhood friend’s parents’ liquor shop Kawai, which is located close to my house and abacus school.
Since I was in primary school, my father has been ordering sake from the shop. Maybe last November or December, the owner Hideo visited my house in Osaka and gave the calendar to my family, after that, my younger sister Akiko brought it to Tonga. I looked back upon my childhood.
The owners are very kind so if you visit my home city, Higashi-Osaka, please call on them. Their website’s URL is http://www.kisweb.ne.jp/personal/taira
By the way, February has 4 weeks and I spent only 1 week in my house, because I had been in Niuafo’ou for 3 weeks this month.
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