31 May, 2011

31st May. GPS Puke, Puncture

GPS Puke, Puncture
5月31日 Puke小学校・パンク

In the morning, we enjoyed Zumba. That was exactly the same file which I practice every day.


Before noon, I visited GPS Puke to give them the level 7 and level 5 questions. The teacher Manulua and her students may aim at going to Japan.


I observed her abacus class. It was well-organized. She is teaching abacus to the class 3 and 4 separately.


They are class 4 students and have almost completed the “two combinations” skill. They are ready to learn multiplication. Compared with Ha’apai students and ‘Eua students, they seem to be far from going to Japan but they have a chance next year. Continue trying!

After I came back to CDU, I fixed Sefo’s bicycle. He had a flat tire before I went to Ha’apai. Thank you for waiting for a long time.

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