14 May, 2011

14th May. No More Aggressive Walk?!

No More Aggressive Walk?!
5月14日 攻撃的歩きが・・・

At the JICA dormitory, I had a small meeting with my group volunteers and the volunteers who belong to recreation duty. We were talking about our volunteer meeting, and Koichi’s farewell party.
After the meeting, I called on Jac at the Peace Corps office and then, he showed me how to make his tent. I borrowed the tent from Jac for our Ha’apai camp. Thank you Jac!

Following that, Shouko and I went to the Korean restaurant. We will have a continuation party of the volunteer meeting and Koichi’s farewell party here. We had a good negotiation.


Because we extended the negotiation at the restaurant, I was late for the meeting time of our tennis at the dormitory, but I have the killer technique “Aggressive Walking” so I got to Liahona at 3:30 and enjoyed tennis as usual.


We are the members. Though Shouko could not come today because of the negotiation, we welcomed temporary member Kimika today. Please continue tennis after you go back to Ha’apai to lose your weight.


At night, I found that one of my extra bicycle spokes had broken off. Oh my goodness! I’m planning to bring it to Ha’apai next week, so I have to fix it right away. Yet I’m not sure whether there are race bicycles’ spokes in Tonga or not.

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