30 May, 2011

30th May. Dance, Photocopy, Confirmation

Dance, Photocopy, Confirmation
5月30日 ダンス・コピー・確認

Recently, CDU officers started dancing to lose weight. Kuniko brought a Japanese scales but it was useless in Tonga, though it’s working well for the Japanese…I mean the scales made in Japan can scale at most 100 kg, but almost all of the CDU officers weigh more than 100 kg. Unbelievable!  Oh, I can believe now, this is Tonga!


In the afternoon, I visited TIOE and photocopied the documents for the Ha’apai student who failed in the last examination but cannot take the exam this time in Tongatapu because of her pregnancy. I’ll ask Kimika to supervise the special exam.


At 4 o’clock, we took a look at the meeting room, which we will use at the volunteer meeting from the 8th to the 10th of June, and check the equipments(desks and chairs). We decided how to line them up roughly.

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