10 May, 2011

10th May. Meeting Room, Smoothie, Centipede

Meeting Room, Smoothie, Centipede
5月10日 会議室、スムージー、ムカデ

At 10 o’clock, I went to OE (Office Equipment) shop to inspect the meeting hall, which we are supposed to use when we have a volunteer meeting next month. I have to arrange a lot about it from now on because I seem to be the chairman.

I wanted to buy a smoothie at this shop for a long time. I ordered mango smoothie. Because it was hot today, the smoothie melted at once and I feel like drinking not a mango smoothie but just a mango juice. This is Tongan climate

Long time no see! When I came back to my house, I met the centipede. It was 15 cm and I have not seen 20 cm centipede in these days. I want to meet the biggest one but I don’t want to be bite by it by the time I go back to Japan.
[Movie] Centipede 動画:(49 sec)

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