13 May, 2011

13th May. Circus

5月13日 サーカスだぞ

In the morning, I went to the school’s office with Sefo, and passed in the Term 2 End Test and the result of the previous test. Our work is going well.


Kimika and I were supposed to meet Melissa and Sela then have lunch at Little Tokyo, but Sela could not leave her place because of a transportation problem. In addition the restaurant was closed so we canceled the lunch appointment and then went to the restaurant, whose name I don’t know. We ordered ota ika but I knew that it’s not enough for us because Kimika is good at eating so I ordered fish & chips later.


Around 6 o’clock, we went to the city center to enjoy the Samoan circus. It started at 7 o’clock, but we wanted to get a good seat, so we had been waiting until the entrance gate opened.


While we were waiting, Shouko was talking with a being from outer space. What a wonder girl!


Kimika was taking pictures, which we were not allowed to. How gluttonous she is!


The circus was pretty good, but we were not allowed to take photos. Anyway it costs only 10 pa’anga (500 yen) and even the VIP seats cost 15 pa’anga (750 yen) and the contents are really worth seeing. We will come here again.


After the circus, we visited the JICA dormitory and had a late dinner. We had a great time today.

. After I updated this article, Kimika reminded me that I dropped off the important sentence. Oh sorry, let me add it “Kimika’s dish was just as delicious as usual.”
この記事をアップした後、Kimikaさんが大切な文章が抜けていると教えてくれました。おぉごめんなさい。付け加えます。「Kimikaさんの料理はいつも通り美味しかったです。」by Shouko and Torojiro


  1. 最後の文に、‘kimikaさんが作ってくれたご飯は美味しかったです’が抜けてますよ。

  2. 仁さん コメントありがとうございます。