16 May, 2011

16th May. Revival

5月16日 復活したぞ!

Around noon, Kimika visited CDU. As soon as she arrived, she started eating a cake. Although Sefo tried to stop Kimika from eating it (see the picture), she could not stop it. Amazing!
Sefo and I have to apologize to Taichi, who is the head of the diet club, for our failure in these days.


We went to TIOE. The principal Ana was teaching for a few years in Ha’apai. Oh I remember that I brought the gift from the principal to Ha’apai teacher, who is working for GPS Hihifo, last year.


Their Micro Teaching was pretty good as well, but the bell, which tells us to start & finish, rang 30 minutes earlier than the timetable. What’s happened?

I found that the panorama function is very good not only for scenery but for a classroom. Yet the lines of their desks are bent.


After TIOE, we drank a smoothie at Friends’ Café, and then I saw the Ha’apai girls (Kimika and Miyuki) off.
 Though we say good-bye, we have to meet this weekend, because I’m going to Ha’apai this Friday with Shouko and Yumi, who is collecting animal’s bone, to hold Koichi’s farewell party in Ha’apai.


After work, I called on Peti, who is the “Niko bicycle” repair shop’s owner. He found the spoke, which is exactly the same size as my extra bicycle. Oh thank you Peti I really appreciate your help. It costs 40 seniti (20 yen) for one spoke, so I bought 5 spokes just in case.


Around 6 o’clock, I fixed my extra bicycle with Neko-chan. When we fix a front wheel or a rear wheel’s left side (opposite side of the gear) we don’t have to remove the gear, so we don’t need the special tools and it was not so difficult. Actually we fixed its rear wheel’s left side. Neko-chan and Torojiro succeeded to fix it in 30 minutes and then we made balance by tightening the spokes. Thank you Neko-chan!
 After that, I went cycling for 10 minutes. The condition was very good!

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