07 May, 2011

7th May. I participated in a lot of events.

I participated in a lot of events.
5月7日 たくさんのイベントに参加したぞ

At 7:30, I join the Pasikala Nuku’alofa event and we went around Nuku’alofa city. We enjoyed 10 km ride.
  7時半にPasikala Nuku'alofaのイベントに参加しました。ヌクアロファ市内を回り、10km程の距離を楽しみました。

Shouko, who is in my group, rode a police car as a staff. I wanted to say “Thank you for taking my picture” but actually she forgot her camera. Oh man!

After that, we had a breakfast at Escape Café with Lopeti, who is a peace corps volunteer. I ordered a tropical smoothie and fish & chips.

Around 3 o’clock, we played tennis at Liahona. I got there by aggressive walking. My back hand stroke is improving recently.

On the way back from Liahona, I visited the Blow Holes. Lately, I am training my body harder than before.

At night, I went to a kava party after a long time away. It was my first time to join the party in Tongatapu this year though I join it in Niuafo’ou a lot. I drank it a lot and was drunk very much.

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