18 May, 2011

18th May. A lot of troubles

A lot of troubles
5月18日 たくさんの故障だぞ

In the morning, I went to Chathams Pacific, the domestic airline company, to change our ticket. Because of some problems, we decided to go to Ha’apai one day earlier. Fortunately there were 5 seats available so I succeeded in changing it. Though I wrote there were 5 seats, our airplane is an 8-passenger airplane.
On the way back, my bicycle had a flat tire. Oh my goodness!


At TIOE, we finished Micro Teaching.

After that, we gave them a rapid calculation. Next week, Sefo will give them a lot of practices. Hopefully a lot of students can pass the final examination. The final exam will be on 6 June.


Recently, my PC battery recharger was in bad condition. At last it had broken, so I asked Toni to fix it. Though we finished fixing it, please work well until I go back to Japan.


After work, I called on Melissa as usual and then went to Shunsuke’s house with Neko-chan. He will take charge of caring for Neko-chan while I am in Ha’apai. After we come back to Tongatapu, Yumi, who is collecting animal’s bone and is a member of our trip, will take Neko-chan back to her real house. Bye-bye Neko-chan, be a nice cat!
 By the way, I forgot to take a photo in Shunsuke’s house. It used to be the Noriko’s house. I always forgot to take a photo there, so maybe this house makes me forget to do it.


At night, I fixed the flat tire. I have fixed it more than 20 times since I came to Tonga. Oh man!

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