02 May, 2011

2nd May. New Volunteer, Birthday Party

New Volunteer, Birthday Party
5月2日 新隊員さん、誕生日会

We welcomed Yukio’s replacement, Masahiko, today. Welcome to CDU.


We went to TIOE with Masahiko. He used to be a primary school teacher for a long time and will be in charge of mathematics subject in Tonga. He seemed to enjoy our class.


After work, I met Kimika, who is a soroban girl (a primary school volunteer, which contains an abacus job). We went to my house and we started my birthday party. Though she was supposed to come to Tongatapu, to go to New Zealand, before my birthday, because of the transportation, she couldn’t leave Ha’apai last week.
 By the way, the bicycle doesn’t become Kimika. Maybe because according to her image, she is not good at riding bicycles.


Because she asked me to mention it, let me write it. Kimika is very good at cooking.

We invited Yumi, who is collecting animals’ bone, and Yuka, who is an ‘Euarian working under Hirono in ‘Eua, to my party. Unfortunately, they could not come, so…


we thought, the dinner was too much for us, but we finished it easily, because Kimika’s dish was delicious and she is good at eating, although she belongs to a diet club.


Finally, she provided me with rare cheesecake. We spent a luxurious time. Thank you Kimika. I was really happy. Have a good day in New Zealand.

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