28 May, 2011

28th May. Triathlon

5月28日 トライアスロンだぞ

In the morning, I enjoyed softball with the JICA members. I have not played it for 2 years, but I managed to do it.
[Movie] Softball動画:(3 sec)

In the afternoon, we participated in the triathlon race. We were allowed to share the events (swim, bicycle and run).
 Yumi, who is collecting an animal’s bone, took charge of the swimming part (200 m). It was her first time to do the triathlon but she did very well.


Of course Torojiro was in charge of the bicycle part (only 7 km). It was the first time that I used my extra bicycle in the race. Today I got my maximum speed up to 41 km/h and my average speed was 33 km/h. I could pass about 10 racers because my bicycle is very fast and I am an abacus teacher.


Katsuya, who can operate a helicopter, ran 2 km after me. He passed maybe 3 racers so our place was perhaps 6th. There were 20 teams, so the result was great.


We are the “ Team YAMANEKO” From the left, Katsuya, Torojiro, Yumi and Aya, who is our coach. We stuck it out. Good job!

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