23 May, 2011

23rd May. We came back to the main island.

We came back to the main island.
5月23日 メイン島へ帰ったぞ

We left Luangafu Island around 9 o’clock, after that I got terrible seasicknesss so I cannot remember anything. Anyway, we enjoyed the uninhabited island’s life.


Around 4 o’clock, I visited the church school with Kimika and Miyuki and then observed Sita’s class. Church schools started abacus education this year. She likes teaching abacus very much so her students are very interested in abacus. This is an ideal state of affairs.
 Though I came to Ha’apai for my private trip, I cannot help working because there are a lot of good teachers in Ha’apai.


I am going to support the classes which want to learn abacus eagerly like Sita’s class. Although I was in bad condition because of the seasickness, I was happy to meet such a good teacher.

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