17 May, 2011

17th May. A lot of visitors

A lot of visitors
5月17日 たくさんのお客さんだぞ


In the morning, I called on Akihiro, who is a senior volunteer working for the Tongan Water Board. I asked him to give a lecture about the Japanese disaster at the volunteer meeting. He accepted it willingly and I told him the schedule.


Shouko came to CDU and showed us the very big Tongan orange. She seemed to have stolen it on the way to her kindergarten visit. Unfortunately it doesn’t look delicious but she said actually it is sweet and delicious.


Torojiro is pretending to be working hard.


Around 2 o’clock, Katsuya called on me with this man. This is Michinori, who is on the right side in this picture, and is teaching abacus individually. Oh nice to meet you!
 He doesn’t belong to any organization like JICA. He is teaching it in Kolovai, western area, to the primary school kids. I’ll plan to let his abacus club join the Tongatapu competition next year. Keep in touch, good to see you.


After work, I went for an aggressive walk. It was getting darker so I enjoyed only 20 km walk in 50 minutes.


Here is Liahona. There are a great many coconut trees in Tonga.


Lately, Neko-chan is sleeping in the box .

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