11 May, 2011

11th May. Give me a souvenir!

Give me a souvenir!
5月11日 お土産ちょうだい!

At TIOE, we did a Micro Teaching. They were exciting as well. We finished 22 of 48 students, about half.


After that, we gave the students rapid calculation questions. They need to get more than 70 % correct answers in the level 7. They just need practice now.


Around 4 o’clock, Kimika came to CDU. She just came back from New Zealand yesterday and wanted Melissa to correct her English sentences in her periodic report, which we have to submit to JICA every 6 months. When she arrived, Sefo greeted her in Japanese.
“Kimika wa Ha’apai no hime yade, dakara omiyage choudai”
It means “Kimika is the queen of Ha’apai Island, therefore please give me a souvenir.”
The sentence might not make sense; anyway his Japanese is getting better every day. He can speak not only the standard Japanese but also the Kansai-ben dialect, because he has a lot of opportunity to talk with Hirono, who is an ‘Euarian now but speaks her strong Kansai-ben dialect. By the way, Hirono and Kimika belong to “Soroban girls” (the primary school volunteer whose job contains an abacus content) and diet club.
この文章は意味不明かも知れませんが、Sefoさんの日本語は日々上達しております。彼は標準語だけでなく、関西弁も話します。何故なら彼は、今はエウアリアンですが激しい関西弁を話すHironoさんと話す機会がたくさんあるからです。Hirono さんとKimikaさんはそろばんガールズとダイエット部に所属しております。
[Movie] Sefo’s greeting 動画:(9 sec)

Kimika gave Sefo a chocolate bar which was good quality but she gave me this souvenir and it was a half-eaten chocolate. Though she bought it in New Zealand, after she ate it a little bit she found it was not her favorite. Oh man! Anyway, thank you very much.


After 5 o’clock, we called on Melissa and met Taika. I have not seen him for a week, oh long time no see! He was an aggressive baby as well.


First Melissa corrected my strange English in my blog and then, Kimika corrected my strange Japanese below my English sentences. Fortunately my Japanese was almost perfect. I was relieved.

Following that, Melissa checked Kimika’s report. Thank you for your hard work Melissa. We are supposed to meet at Little Tokyo restaurant on Friday and see a circus in Nuku’alofa city center. See you on Friday.

After Melissa’s lesson, I had dinner at Gold Coast restaurant with Kimika and Yumi, who is collecting animals’ bone. We ordered a lot (mabo-tofu, steamed dumpling, fried rice, spring roll and corn egg soup) but I forgot to take a photo of them. It seemed that we ordered too much but thanks to the Kimika’s stomach, we managed to finish the food.

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