05 May, 2011

5th May. Dangerous Fisherman

Dangerous Fisherman
5月5日 危険な釣り人だぞ

Accidentally, I have appeared in the Tongan government portal site about the national competition in March. How shameful I am. Don’t access the URL below please.

I was working in CDU with Sefo all day long, so we finished a lot of work for example putting the data of material check paper in our PC, printing the term 2 end test original paper, processing the data of the term 1 end test and so on.

At lunch, I went to the restaurant, where I don’t know its name, with Masahiko. We ordered ota ika and it was good.

Because I have to train my body, I went for an aggressive walk after my work. Then I found the man. Oh! What are you doing? He seems to enjoy fishing…but I think it’s too dangerous. Watch the movie; he is almost carried off by the waves.
[Movie] Good relationship動画:(13 sec, 29 sec)

He showed me his game, but I failed to take the picture of his fish. Sorry…anyway you are brave or stupid.

I am happy today, because I saw such a beautiful evening glow and…

I met a reckless fisherman.