29 May, 2011

29th May. Church, Return, Pump

Church, Return, Pump
5月29日 教会・返却・空気入れ

I was invited to the church by Tevita, who is the JICA dormitory’s security guard. Recently I have been going to church often.

His father Fetoa is always riding his bicycle and he likes my bicycle very much.


After the church, I ate Tongan food with his family. Thank you for inviting me.

In the afternoon, I went to Vaini village by aggressive walking and met Jac. He lent me his tent for my trip to Ha’apai. Thank you for your help.


Recently, the portable pump for my extra bicycle had broken. In Japan, it’s not a problem, but it’s a great problem in Tonga. There is no portable (small) pump in Tonga, in addition my bicycle tube’s valve is the French type therefore we cannot buy it in Tonga.
 I ordered the pump, which fits my bicycle, on the Internet and sent it to my house in Osaka right away. After that, I asked my family to send it as early as possible after they receive it.

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