08 June, 2011

8th Jun. Volunteer meeting has started.

Volunteer meeting has started.
6月8日 隊員総会開始だぞ

We has started our volunteer meeting today. All of the JICA volunteers in Tonga came together. Although I am poor at speaking in public, I will do my best.

First, we introduced ourselves with the equipment which we need in Tonga. I brought my 30,000 yen (US$300) abacus and the wooden YAMANEKO doll. Yumi, who is collecting the animals’ bone, brought her collections. It was funny.


We decided our committees, which we have to belong to until next volunteer meeting, and 22-2 volunteers did their interim report.


After the meeting, Taki, who is in my group and has his Buddha face, explained how to use our dormitory correctly. He is the great chairperson of the dormitory committee.


At night, I went to CDU and took the certificates and brought it to Hirono and Kimika. In the outer islands, a lot of students and teachers have passed the exam so I made the certificates rapidly.

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