21 June, 2011

21st Jun. Meeting Again

Meeting Again
6月21日 再会だぞ!

I enjoyed ZUMBA with the CDU members. It was 40 minutes edition though we did it only 10 minutes.


I checked the TIOE students sick leave certifications. They need more than 80 % attendance to pass the exam but some of them were short of it. If they have their sick leave certifications (kind of an official leave) we can permit their attendance. Unfortunately a lot of students submitted untrue certification (the dates they were absent were different from what I checked or it was the date which had no abacus class), may be they asked their relatives who are doctors to write down the paper to fill in their absence. Actually a lot of Tongan teachers permit their attendance with the untrue certificate because the teachers didn’t check their attendance correctly. On the other hand I checked not only their attendance but their attitude (sleeping, talking with friends, using a mobile phone during our class, forgot to take materials, late for the class and so on) completely every class, so according to my data I can reveal a secret easily. Sorry! That’s the difference between a Tongan teacher and a Japanese teacher.
  You are lucky because you can come to TIOE and study abacus one more time with my replacement. Sefo confirmed this situation and was laughing.


At lunch, I went to a Chinese restaurant and I found a small centipede in my dish. Oh man… When I saw it I had almost finished eating so it’s all right.


After lunch, I met not Koichi but Palu at Talamafu Market. Oh long time no see! Do you remember him? He was my student in TIOE in 2009 and is working for Niuafo’ou ,GPS ‘Aleleuta. Thank you for your kindness at that time. Temporarily he came to Tongatapu (2 weeks school break now) and met his girl friend Naomi. She was also my student in 2010 and they are going to get married in December. Congratulations!  Oh…by the way, they were good students in TIOE.

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