25 June, 2011

25th Jun. Market, Meeting, Welcome Party

Market, Meeting, Welcome Party
6月25日 マーケット・会議・歓迎会

Around 8:30 I visited a flea market beside my house. Hirono and Kimika were there.


After an hour, I bought this shirt for 35 pa’anga(1750 yen). It was very expensive but I’m pleased.


At 10 o’clock, we had an abacus and mathematics meeting with the new volunteer Manami. Since she has just arrived in Tonga, it might be too much explanation for her. Anyway, take it easy!


At night, we held a welcome party for the new volunteers, Manami and Yuuki. Both of them are from Okayama prefecture, which is famous for the Momotarou story. My special curry & rice is very popular among the JICA volunteers and American Peace Corps volunteers.

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