27 June, 2011

27th Jun. Japanese Toy, Preparation

Japanese Toy, Preparation
6月27日 日本のおもちゃ・準備

Around 7:30, Palu, who was my TIOE student and is working for Niuafo’ou Island, came to my house. He wanted a picture I took last week at Talamafu Market.
 I provided him with a buckwheat noodle (soba). It was his first time to eat it and use chop sticks.


Since he is teaching to the Niuafo’ou students, I decided to give him a lot of Japanese toys. Please bring them to the rural island.


He practiced a top and cup and ball. Though it was the first time for him to play them, he did it very well. 


At lunch, we went to the Café Reef. I ordered “ota ika” (Tongan raw fish mixed with coconut milk).
  昼にリーフカフェへ行ってOta ika(トンガ風刺身、ココナッツミルク和え)を注文しました。


We prepared a lot of things for the abacus competitions, especially we wrapped the gifts for the commended students. It was good for our diet.


At night, I was invited to a party by Matazo and his spouse. All of us belong to the tennis club. It was a nice party. Malo ‘aupito. 

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