30 June, 2011

30th Jun. Facebook, Restaurant

facebook, Restaurant
6月30日 facebook・レストラン

Sefo made his Facebook account this morning. This is his image photo. Please make friends with him.

Since my favorite restaurant, Little Tokyo, will have a leave for two months starting in July, I visited there but it was already closed. Oh man! Next time I come here it will be just before I leave Tonga.


After work, I visited the JICA dormitory and then I saw the new volunteers studying Tongan language. I looked back upon my training when I came to Tonga. My Tongan is as beginner level as ever.


After that, I had dinner with Taki, who is in my group and has his Buddha face. The restaurant is new and is located in front of the JICA dormitory.


We can eat Chinese food for 5 pa’anga (250 yen).

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