22 June, 2011

22nd Jun. New Volunteers

New Volunteers
6月22日 新隊員さんだぞ

I visited the immigration office to get the form to apply for a passport. I’m waiting for Mr. Fujii’s final decision about which Tongan teacher and which Tongan student can participate in the Japanese abacus camp in August. I guess it will be chosen from Ha’apai or ‘Eua so I will pass the form to Hirono and Kimika this weekend, then after the decision the selected person can apply the passport right away.


At TIOE, I confirmed the schedule of semester 2. We are supposed to teach addition & subtraction to the year 2 students. Following that, I received the list of the students.


While I was out, Sefo completed marking the final examination. I will input the data in our PC and perhaps tomorrow, we can finish a final evaluation from the data.

After Melissa’s lesson, we went for a jog at Teufaiva stadium. A lot of Tongans are running in the evening, that’s good!


Around 10 o’clock, we arrived at the International airport to welcome the new volunteers. It was my first time (and will be the last time, because I am going back in 3 months) to come to the airport when new volunteers arrive, though I entertained them a lot after they came to the JICA dormitory.


Two volunteers have come. Welcome to Tonga!  Yet…who are you? Oh, Hirono…she has just come back from New Zealand on the same airplane. As soon as they arrived, Hirono started to take photos of them- maybe because she belongs to “Camera Club.” Thanks to her photo-taking, they were the last group off the plane and the security guard had to wait for them to finish his work (see the photo).
 By the way, “Diet Club” was broken up by the chief Taichi because only Taichi achieved his goal. Unfortunately the other members couldn’t make any effort. He seemed to be very disappointed by their results. Poor Taichi…

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