17 June, 2011

17th Jun. Peace Corps Party

Peace Corps Party
6月17日 ピースコーパーティー

I've finished checking the TIOE students notebooks and Sefo has been marking their examination papers, so we can start making evaluations early next week.


I was invited to the Peace Corps Party with Ikumi.

I provided them with buckwheat noodles (soba). I have become used to making its sauce from scratch (soy sauce, sugar, sake and soup stock).


They provided American food to us.


This is an apple pie and I found the picture on its surface…what’s this? Oh!!!! This is YAMANEKO?! Thank you for drawing YAMANEKO!
Now YAMANEKO is very famous in Tonga. Of course we had a great time.
 これはアップルパイです。表面に絵を見つけました・・・んっ何これっ? お~!!!山ネコ?!描いてくれてありがとう。

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