14 June, 2011

14th Jun. Fixing

6月14日 修理だぞ

I visited GPS Puke and gave the students book to all of the students. They looked very happy. I’d like Tongatapu teachers to train great students because the Tongatapu result was very poor at the national competition.

Around noon, I went to the JICA dormitory and tried to fix my bicycle. Its spoke had broken off  yesterday. It was my 4th time to be in this situation. The shop I went to had run short of spokes and the bicycle repair shop owner Peti was sick in bed.
 I made thick white noodles at the dormitory, and then went back to CDU.

After work, I visited the dormitory again, and started fixing but I failed. The place is the rear wheel and gear side. I tried to take off the gear to change the spoke without the special tool but I could not remove it. Hopefully Peti will recover from his sickness tomorrow.

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