15 June, 2011

15th Jun. ZUMBA・FAX・Puke・Beer

6月15日 ZUMBAFAXPukeBeerだぞ

I joined ZUMBA at CDU. Actually it was not real ZUMBA but we can say, this is Tongan ZUMBA.


I visited the main office and asked the officers to let me use the fax machine to send the Term End Test to Niuatoputapu and Niuafo’ou. They agreed with me because the job is related to the Ministry of Education, in addition the CDU, school’s office and TIOE fax machines are not working.


Around noon, I visited GPS Puke again, because I found that the school’s officers forgot to distribute the Term End Test so I handed it out directly. Since my normal bicycle was broken, I got there by my extra bicycle; it doesn’t take 10 minutes if we can get our speed up to 30-40 km/h.


Manulua gave me a watermelon. The kids were playing in the school grounds. Especially the kids in the rural area are very vigorous.


After work, I visited Tafi Beer shop after a long time away. The shop, which sells “Milwaukees Best” (very cheap beer), had run short of it, so I bought Tafi Beer

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