26 June, 2011

26th Jun. Puncture, Meeting, Tongan Food

Puncture, Meeting, Tongan Food
6月26日 パンク・会議・トンガ料理

I called on Melissa and fixed her bicycle. She had her bicycle stolen before and then the thief brought it back to her because the thief was one of her school’s students. Although the person who did a bad action should have to fix her bicycle completely, this is Tonga as well.


I met Farfum, who is a Vava’u volunteer. Long time no see! He is going back to America for two weeks. Have a nice trip.


At 1 o’clock, we had a meeting for the Heilala Festival, which is one of the famous events in Tonga.


Following that, I received Tongan food from the security guard Tevita. I shared it with my volunteer friends. Malo Tevita.

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