24 June, 2011

24th Jun. Abacus & Mathematics Meeting

Abacus & Mathematics Meeting
6月24日 そろばん算数部会

In the morning, the soroban girls, Hirono & Kimika came to CDU. We talked about the competitions which we are supposed to run from now.


We visited Little Tokyo restaurant. It will be closed for two months starting in July. We ordered Katsu-don (a pork cutlet and rice in a bowl) and Tekka-don (raw tuna and rice in a bowl). Because these are a little bit expensive, it was only my second time to order Katsu-don, though I come to the restaurant every week.


After lunch, we met Miwa and Akiko. We talked about how to run the competitions as a sponsor.
 Following that, we wrapped the gifts which we will give to the commended students at the competition. Hirono and Kimika moved a lot so it seemed to be a very good exercise for them.


At night, I made my special curry & rice. I used only a few whole bulbs of garlic. I’ll bring it to the JICA dormitory for a welcome party tomorrow.

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