04 June, 2011

4th Jun. He has come!

He has come!
6月4日 やつが来た!

Around noon, I went to Friend’s Café and then I met him.


Oh! Brother:Kimu(Ryusuke)!!!
 Long time no see! He is a volunteer in my group and working in Samoa as a science & mathematics teacher.
  I have not seen him for more than 1 year. This is the article where I met him last time in Samoa.

He brought an empty Samoan water bottle to Tonga. This is my request. When I visited Samoa I got it and it was very useful because we can use the big cap not only for its lid but for a cup.
 Unfortunately I broke it a few months ago, so I asked him to bring it as a souvenir. Thank you Ryusuke!


We had dinner at the Korean restaurant. All of the volunteers (21-2) in Tongatapu Island came together. Before Tongatapu, he went to Vava’u and called on Fuyuhiko and Ai, who are Vava’u Island’s volunteer in our group, so we can say Ryusuke met all of his same group volunteers in Tonga.

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