16 June, 2011

16th Jun. Poor Bicycle, No.292 YAMANEKO, Luxurious Dinner

Poor Bicycle, No.292 YAMANEKO, Luxurious Dinner
6月16日 やばいチャリ・山ネコNo.292・豪華な夕食

At lunch time, I received my bicycle after Peti fixed its spoke with the special tool. I put it on my bicycle at the JICA dormitory.


Last week, when I was doing a periodic safety check, I found that the bicycle spoke had broken off, and then when I was trying to fix the spoke I found the part which supports the bicycle basket was broken.


Today, when I was changing the part, my bicycle stand was broken off. Oh man…my bicycle has a lot of problems.


After work, I called on Jun who is one of Australian volunteers. He finished his job and is going to leave Tonga this week. I gave No.292 YAMANEKO doll to him. Maybe it’s YAMANEKO’s second time to go to Australia. Anyway thank you for your trouble in Tonga and keep in touch.



I visited Masahiko’s house with Koichi and Ikumi. We talked, ate and drank a lot. Thank you for inviting us, it was a luxurious dinner.

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