18 June, 2011

18th Jun. Tennis, Drinking, Dancing

Tennis, Drinking, Dancing
6月18日 テニス・飲み・踊りだぞ

I am making the special YAMANEKO. What is it for? I can tell you perhaps the day after tomorrow in my article.


Around 3 o’clock, we played tennis at Liahona. My extra bicycle had a flat tire and I cannot fix it now, because a special pump (French type) is on the way from Japan. Damn!
 Anyway, we are continuing the tennis activity every week; it’s good for our health and is good for getting to know each other.


At night, I was supposed to go to a kava party, but suddenly I was invited to the dinner for Koichi, so I visited a Chinese restaurant in the city center. I forgot to take a photo of Koichi as usual and he was in bad condition since last week, maybe because he was invited to a lot of farewell parties, therefore he went back to the dormitory after dinner.


After the restaurant, we visited this bar, though I didn’t know there is such a nice bar in Nuku’alofa. Yet I cannot read its name from the sign board.


After the bar, we moved to a dancing bar. Although I am poor at dancing, we enjoyed it very much.
Oh, we have remembered. Take care of your health Koichi!

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