28 June, 2011

28th Jun. Meeting, Luxurious Restaurant

Meeting, Luxurious Restaurant
6月28日 会議・高級レストラン

In the morning, the lady Keleni came to CDU and received an abacus. She will teach abacus individually to her son. Good luck!


At lunch, we visited the fast food restaurant, whose name I don’t know and which is located in front of the restaurant, which may not have a name. We ordered hamburgers, French fries, curry & rice and so on. This boy will be good at hitting flies, because he was watching me hit 3 flies and was trying to do it too.


At 4 o’clock, we had a meeting with the embassy. We determined that we will choose the Japanese abacus camp’s participant from the Tongan national competition next year and the embassy can pay money for the halls, gifts etc.


After a long time away, I visited the luxurious restaurant Lunarossa with the soroban girls, Hirono and Kimika.


Everything was good. After we ate a lot of dishes, we ordered desserts.


Soroban girls are really good at eating.

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