11 June, 2011

11th Jun. Flea market, Tennis, Farewell party

Flea market, Tennis, Farewell party
6月11日 フリーマーケット・テニス・送別会

I visited a flea market to change my image with the outer islands volunteers, Keitaro, Taichi, Yuka and Kimika. They recommended that I buy new pants so I bought them.


Though I couldn’t find any good shirts today, in two weeks the soroban girls (Hirono and Kimika) will bring me to the market after the abacus and mathematics meeting.


In the afternoon, I cleaned the JICA dormitory and had a small meeting with Shunsuke, who was a deputy chairman at the meeting, and we reviewed the meeting.
 After the meeting, I went to Liahona to play tennis by aggressive walking. 8 members came together.


At 6 o’clock, I visited Atsuhiko’s house and we had a farewell party for Koichi. His speech was good as well tonight.

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