03 June, 2011

3rd Jun. Supplementary Class & Meetings

Supplementary Class & Meetings
6月3日 補講と会議たちだぞ

At 9 o’clock, I had a meeting with Peni, who is the guest speaker of our volunteer meeting, and checked his plan. Though he has not finished the preparation, hopefully I can receive the data on Tuesday next week.


At 10 o’clock, we started our supplementary class at TIOE. It was not mandatory, but almost all of the students came here in two days.


We projected the questions on a blackboard with a projector, and if we want we can write down the answer in the blank, it’s a good device.


After TIOE (around 4 o’clock) I visited the education main office to receive the sign of the director for the abacus certificate and then went to the volunteer meeting’s hall to check the equipment, finally I went to the JICA dormitory and had a meeting with Shunsuke. I moved around a lot today and was very hungry, so the dinner was delicious.

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