10 June, 2011

10th Jun. The third day of the meeting.

The third day of the meeting.
6月10日 総会三日目

I went to the restaurant ”Bread of Life CAFÉ” with the JICA members at lunch. I always pass this restaurant for more than a year and a half, but it was my first time to enter the restaurant. It was nice.
 ボランティアメンバーで「Bread of Life CAFÉ」という新しいレストランへ行きました。1年半以上前を通り過ぎてきたのですが、中に入ったのは初めてでした。良い所でした。


The report, which is related to the Japanese disaster, interested us in thinking about the Japanese situation.


We invited a guest speaker Peni, who is my colleague in CDU. He talked about Kava (Tongan traditional drink) and Tongan dance. It was nice. Thank you Peni.
 Around 5 o’clock, we finished our three days volunteer meeting. I was relieved.


At 6 o’clock, we had a continuation of the meeting at the Korean restaurant. Though Koichi says he is poor at speaking in public, his speech was pretty good.


After the party, we moved to Karaoke and were singing songs until midnight.

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