05 June, 2011

5th Jun. Going Around Tongatapu

Going Around Tongatapu
6月5日 トンガタプ一周だぞ

It was raining and windy all day long but we went around Tongatapu Island. I cannot count how many time I went around and updated the articles in my blog, so I will write roughly. The members were Brother:Kimi(Ryusuke), Atsuhiko, Shouko and Torojiro.


We visited the forked coconut tree,

Blow Holes,

Tsunami stone,

Flying Fox,
  Flying Fox

Vakaloa resort restaurant,
  Vakaloa resort restaurant

Captain Cook’s Landing Place,
  Captain Cook’s Landing Place

Ha’amonga and

Natural Land Bridge. It was a nice trip, thank you for bringing us by car Atsuhiko.
  Natural Land Bridgeです。よい旅でした。Tonoさん運転ありがとうございました。


At night, we visited Junco’s house and she provided us with a meal. It was delicious but I could not eat it a lot as usual, because I have been in poor health these days. Maybe because I was working too much after Ha’apai.
 Fortunately Junco is a nurse so she looked after me and after dinner I took a nap. Before I slept, my body temperature was 38.9 and then it became 37.5. Though it was still high, I felt better. Tomorrow I will have a rest.

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