02 September, 2011

2nd Sep. Whale & Lunarossa

Whale & Lunarossa
9月2日 クジラとルナロッサだぞ

On the way back from lunch, I met Sela and Mahanga who are CDU workers. Now in Tonga, a lot of people are very interested in the Rugby World Cup, so on Friday people are wearing something red.

After work, I went to the Blow Holes by aggressive walking. There are a great many tourists there.

I met Asami, she seemed to be on the way to aggressive walking as well.

The ocean was very calm (Blow Holes was not dynamic), and though we were supposed to buy souvenirs there our acquaintance, Lisa, was not there, but instead…

We saw whales. Although we could not take a photo, we watched the whale jumping out of the water once. It was my first time to watch it from such a short distance. It might be the greatest scenery I have ever seen in Tonga.

 I went to the luxurious restaurant “Lunarossa” with Melissa, Sela, Josh, Marie and Marie’s neighbor Neula. I ordered a beef steak with mushroom sauce. The meal was just as delicious as before.

We came to Tonga almost at the same time(September-October in 2009). Our working period is 2 years but the Peace Corps period doesn’t include their training so they can stay in Tonga little bit longer than JICA.

Melissa and Josh. We are living close to each other. Melissa has been correcting my blog almost every week. Someone says Torojiro is writing a blog every day, “That’s great!”, but I think correcting my blog’s strange English is much harder than just writing. My article will amount to more than 700 in 2 years. Thank you for your hard work Melissa, I really appreciate.

Marie and her neighbor Neula. Though she is living very far from Nuku’alofa we met often. Thank you for your kindness.
 We are supposed to meet on 21 Sep with Vava’u Peace Corps Farfum. It will be the day before my departure day.

Oh I remember that Marie sent the YAMANEKO picture from America. I am sorry I’m late for updating it.

From Marie in Kolonga 26th July.2011
Now he is on Marie’s hand and is pushing up the Washington Monument. How powerful he is! Well…can we say it’s thanks to Marie’s power?!

The other YAMANEKO’s are below.

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