30 September, 2011

30th Sep. I’ve come back to Nagano.

I’ve come back to Nagano.
9月30日 長野に帰ったぞ

Every time I come to Tokyo, I stay in the capsule hotel (a budget hotel where guests are accommodated in capsules about the size of a railroad sleeping compartment) in Ueno. It costs only 3,000yen (US$35) per night.
 In the morning, I went to Ueno Park.

This is Takamori Saigo who is historically very famous person in Japan. He looks really nice with a dog.

In front of the museum, I found a very big whale monument. I went a whale watching 2 weeks ago…Oh I miss Tonga.
 Around noon, I left Tokyo.

After I came back to Nagano, I went to the restaurant where I have been visiting before Tonga since I was 20 years old.

I have a very good relationship with the owners so I gave this YAMANEKO before Tonga. He is still sitting on a shelf.

I have never come here without ordering “Torikara Teisyoku”(deep-fried chicken set meal),
Although actually I have come here more than 100 times and maybe I ordered the other menu less than 3 times.

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