12 September, 2011

12th Sep. Abacus & Matafonua

Abacus & Matafonua
9月12日 そろばんとマタフォヌアたぞ

In the morning, I visited the school’s office and gave No. 313 YAMANEKO to Ifa who is one of the school’s officers. He put it in his room.

Around 9:30, Kimika and I visited GPS Pangai. Tupou was teaching extra abacus class. This week is school’s break (1 week holiday) but she teaches abacus every day. Amazing!

The Level Examination System was working well in Ha’apai.

After GPS Pangai, we went to Tongan Power to pay Kimika’s electricity fee. It was my first time to enter the building. Everything that belongs to Tongan Power, is beautiful because the electricity fee is very expensive in Tonga, low quality and less service.

Following that, we visited GPS Faleloa to say thank you to married couple teachers Hiva and Seilani, who were my students in TIOE last year. Though we couldn’t meet Hiva, we met Seilani and their baby. See you some days later.

On the way, we saw a beautiful scenery beside the airport. I like this place.

After a long time away, I came to the wharf in Foa Island. It was Kimika’s first time to come here.

We ate lunch in Matafonua.

I came here more than 5 times. The ocean was just as beautiful as before.

We enjoyed snorkeling and took a lot of photos. 

On the way back, we crossed the bridge. It connects the two Ha’apai main islands and is made from coral.

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