08 September, 2011

8th Sep. Farewell Party in the Mathematics Room

Farewell Party in the Mathematics Room
9月8日 算数科の送別会たぞ

In the morning, I visited the Tonga Side School to give them the abacus materials. The principal was pleased. Thank you for waiting.

I went to the Tongan Water Board, Tongan Power and Westpac Bank to finish my payment and notebook. Though I have 2 more weeks, I will pay 50 pa’anga to my landlord and they can go to pay after I leave.

On the way, my bicycle(a brake part) was broken. This bicycle has a great many problems but it’s also a good memory.

Before noon, my farewell party was held in the mathematics room. Nearly two years has passed since I came to CDU. I cannot tell all of my thanks in such a short time, because I received a great many loves from them.

Here are our mathematics members.

I received this canoe. It means I will sail to the new life and they wish me good luck.

After the farewell party, I called on Chris who is the Peace Corps volunteer in Nukunuku village by aggressive walking.
 I gave him No. 312 YAMANEKO.

We were supposed to go to a snorkeling but we gave up to go, because it was raining so heavily.

After Nukunuku, once I came back to my house in a heavy rain, and within 30 minutes, I visited Hiko’s house. It was kind of my farewell party. Thank you for inviting me. We had a very good time.

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