24 September, 2011

24th Sep. Osaka to Nagano

Osaka to Nagano
9月24日 大阪~長野だぞ

I was supposed to come back to my home town Osaka on 23 Sep, just after Narita International Airport, but because of the train accident, my rapid train, shinkansen, to Osaka was delayed. At last, I arrived at Osaka around 6 o’clock AM on 24th. I was very tired because I slept in shinkansen on the way. This is my family and a neighbor. Compared with Tongan women, the women in Osaka look very skinny, although they always say “I am very fat” themselves.

Around 10 o’clock AM, I left Osaka. I had been in Osaka for 4 hours…Oh man! My father Kazuo lent this truck in advance, thank you very much.

On the way to my house in Nagano, I visited Komagane Training Center (KTC). All of the volunteers spent 65 days for our training here. KTC is in Nagano prefecture.

At the office, I found this YAMANEKO. Oh, long time no see! This is an abacus edition YAMANEKO which I gave for the office.

Its serial number is 117. Oh I remember, I started to add a serial number to the YAMANEKO’s bottom during my training in KTC. I started from Kohei’s YAMANEKO as the No.100 because Kohei, who went to Senegal, recommended me to make its serial number.

After KTC, I drove the truck for 1 hour until we arrived at my house in Azumino city in Nagano. I was surprised that I could drive a car easily.

This is my house in Nagano. I used to live here so I will settle myself in this house soon.

After that, I visited my school. In front of the main entrance, I found this flag. Oh! I’m glad that some of the teachers, who know me, are still in this school and welcome me. Thank you very much.

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