06 September, 2011

6th Sep. I was supposed to go to ‘Eua.

I was supposed to go to ‘Eua
9月6日 エウアに行くはずだったぞ

In the morning, I went to Uiha & Son recycling shop. I had a lot of glass bottles.

I visited Little Tokyo restaurant but it was still closed. Oh man!

In the afternoon, I went to the wharf to get on the boat to ‘Eua. After an hour and a half, a staff told us that we cannot go to ‘Eua because the engine of the boat was broken. I know, on Saturday the boat could not go because of the engine trouble and yesterday when I came to the wharf, the staff said they would go to ‘Eua the next day.
 Why did they have the same trouble? Because this is Tonga.

I was supposed to bring my bicycle, but I couldn’t.

I tried to book the airplane, but the 8-passenger aircraft was fully booked in addition, 4 passengers were waiting for the cancellation. In short, I cannot go to ‘Eua anymore because my schedule is full until I go back to Japan. I wanted to say thank you to ‘Eua teachers directly. I’m very sad…

I am making a lot of YAMANEKO dolls, but I’m worried that I may be short of YAMANEKO to give out. I have to make it in Ha’apai next week.

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