19 September, 2011

19th Sep. Final Report, A lot of YAMANEKOs

Final Report, A lot of YAMANEKOs
9月19日 最終報告会・たくさんの山ネコだぞ

At CDU, I gave No.321 to Manami, who is the newest soroban girl. Of course it’s an abacus edition. Thank you for waiting. Manami, Kimika and Sefo were preparing the next competition in ‘Eua on 27 Oct. Yet I was cleaning my desk and room. I cannot join their work anymore. I felt lonely.

I gave Japanese fans to Tupou and Linda. I gave them YAMANEKO before.

I gave No.322 YAMANEKO to ‘Eva, who is the boss of our mathematics room.

I gave No.323 YAMANEKO to Tevita,

and No. 324 YAMANEKO to Monika.

Around noon, we visited Little Tokyo restaurant. It will be my last visit. Everything will be the last. Oh, sad…but I can eat a lot of Japanese food all I want next week.

Around 5 o’clock, I moved to the JICA office and we had a final report meeting. Ai and Torojiro took charge of the presenters.

A lot of volunteers came to listen to our presentation. I was not nervous because I like talking; I just tried not to exceed 30 minutes.
 Actually, my presentation was 31 or 32 minutes without questions. I might be too much talking but it can’t be helped because I had a great many things I wanted to tell. Anyway everyone was laughing so I was happy.

After my presentation, I gave No.325 and No.326 YAMANEKO dolls to Matazo and Akiko. Especially as a member of tennis club, they looked after me a lot. Thank you for your help.

They are married couple YAMANEKO and YAMANEKO-KO. They are cute isn’t it?

At night, I went to the restaurant “Sea View Lodge” with Kimika. In these days, I went to a lot of places which I have not visited, maybe because I am going back to Japan soon. It was luxurious restaurant.
  夜にKimikaさんとSea View Lodgeレストランに行きました。ここ数日、訪れたことがない場所にいっぱい行きました。多分もうすぐ日本に帰るからでしょう。ここは豪華なレストランでした。

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