18 September, 2011

18th Sep. Sefo’s House

Sefo’s House
9月18日 Sefoさんの家だぞ

In the morinig, I tidied my room up for going back to Japan. In the evening, we were invited to Sefo’s house. This is Onigiri (Nigiri-meshi) who was Kimika’s dog until last month in Ha’apai. Because of the problem, he became Sefo’s dog. Now he looks very happy. He still has very short legs and has a big face.

Sefo, his mother Moli and his younger sister Mila provided us with a Tongan food and a Japanese food, rice. Everything was delicious.

After eating, Sefo asked me to check a TIOE examination. It was Sunday (the day of rest) but he tries to work. He has a Japanese way of thinking.
 Anyway, we had a very good time. Thank you for inviting us. When you come to Japan next time, please visit my house.

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