26 September, 2011

26th Sep. My Replacement

My Replacement
9月26日 後任さんだぞ

I wanted to eat this Chinese noodles for a long time when I was in Tonga. Though it cost 1000 yen (US$130), I love it and I like this restaurant, Ryouga.  (25 Sep.)

In the morning, I visited my school and greeted the principal. After 2 hours…

I moved to Tokyo (Narita International Airport) to see my replacement off. This is 23-2 volunteers. Although I cannot work with them in Tonga, I wish you good luck.

This is my successor, Sakiko. She will be the youngest soroban girl. Don’t worry; the other soroban girls are very kind to you. I gave her No. 338 abacus edition YAMANEKO, but this is temporary YAMANEKO for taking a photo. I left the real one in CDU not to increase her luggage.
 Good luck!

Since there was only one Air New Zealand aircraft, I had been watching the aircraft until it took off.

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