03 September, 2011

3rd Sep. The Last Tennis

The Last Tennis
9月3日 最後のテニスだぞ

In the morning, I saw a centipede. Though it’s winter now, today’s centipede was quite big. Maybe it appeared to say good-bye to me before I leave Tonga.

I will leave this spray “Mortein” for my replacement Sakiko. Don’t worry! This spray works very well.

The third kid, Tonga, likes girls fashion.

I played tennis in Liahona. It was my last tennis in Tonga. In Japan I usually play tennis once in a year, but in Tonga I played a lot and improved my skill. After I go back to Japan, I want to continue to do it as much as possible.

Here are our members. Thank you for your kindness.

I was supposed to go to the last kava party but I failed to take transportation. Maybe I cannot go there any more…

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