14 September, 2011

14th Sep. Night Diving

Night Diving
9月14日 ナイトダイビングたぞ

I went to scuba diving to upgrade my license from a beginner level to an advanced level. .

This is deep diving content. At 30 m depth, after we break the egg, it still keeps the shape.
[Movie] Underwater Egg動画:(90sec)

I saw a lot of corals and sometimes found anchors.

After 2 dives, once we came back to Pangai city center. By chance, I met Hiva, who was my TIOE student and I couldn’t meet him on Monday this week.
 I’m glad to see you. Please improve Ha’apai abacus education.

Around 6 o’clock, I went night diving. It was one of the advanced course contents.

I was not allowed to bring my underwater camera, because it was my first night dive and we have to bring a compass and light. Anyway, it was fantastic.

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