20 September, 2011

20th Sep. YAMANEKO in the residence of the ambassador

YAMANEKO in the residence of the ambassador
9月20日 大使公邸の山ネコだぞ

At CDU, I finished almost all of my job as an abacus officer.

Around noon, I went to Gold Coast restaurant with the soroban girls, Kimika and Manami. I came here great many times.

In the afternoon, I asked Hiko to bring my staff to the JICA dormitory and weigh it on the scales. I am supposed to bring three 23kg boxes back to Japan.

I have almost finished packing. This is the box which contains my extra bicycle.

Around 6 o’clock, we paid a courtesy call to the Japanese embassy and then, we were invited to the residence of the ambassador. The meal was pretty good and…

I left No.327 YAMANEKO doll in the residence. The ambassador looked after us well. Particularly, I played tennis and went scuba diving a lot with the ambassador. Thank you for your kindness.

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