07 September, 2011

7th Sep. ’Oholei Beach.

’Oholei Beach
9月7日 オホレイビーチたぞ

In the morning, I finished a lot of tasks, especially an account of the Japanese abacus camp. Temporarily, I paid 8,000 pa’anga (400,000 yen) from my Japanese bank notebook. After my account report is approved, I can receive the money.

Around noon, I went to the Korean restaurant with Hiko and Kuniko. Thank you for inviting me. It will be my last visit here so…

I gave No.311 YAMANEKO to the owner. She was pleased. Please put the YAMANEKO where everyone can see it easily.

After noon, I visited Tonga Side School and decided to give out 283 abacuses, 1 teacher’s big abacus, 30 pupils’ books and 3 teachers’ books. Tomorrow, I will bring them.

In the evening, my landlord invited me to ‘Oholei Beach. Surprisingly, it was their first time to come here. It’s the second time for me to have dinner and watch the dances, though I came here many times only for a sightseeing or aggressive walk.
[Movie] ‘Oholei動画:( 20 sec)

We ate a lot of Tongan food. Last time I came here, in 2009, I could not eat a lot because there were a great many guests here. Yet this time, I ate 2 plates.
The article last time I watched dance here.

After eating, we watched the dances.

Especially fire dances are exciting, though it’s not a Tongan traditional dance. Anyway, we had a great time. It will be an unforgettable memory.
[Movie] Dance動画:(79 sec, 72 sec, 170 sec)

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