16 September, 2011

16th Sep. Good-bye Ha’apai Island

Good-bye Ha’apai Island
9月16日 さようならハアパイ

I made a lot of YAMANEKO dolls in Ha’apai, because I am short of YAMANEKO which I have to give to my acquaintances.

I studied a lot, because I have to submit a homework to upgrade my license.

On the way to the airport, I visited the school’s office and said thank you to the officers, Ifa and Vei. They are always very happy.
 My first trip to the outer island was Ha’apai and my last trip is Ha’apai. I really like this island.

Since I had time at the airport, I crossed the runway. We cannot do it in Japan.

In November in 2009, when I first came here, I sat on the bench with Aloisia and Tupou. Time has passed so quickly.

The last domestic airplane I took was DC-3. It’s cool.
At last, I came back to Tongatapu. Thank you for giving me a great memory. I will never forget this island.

After I arrived at Tongatapu, I participated in the final report meeting. 5 of my group members presented their activities over the last 2 years. My turn will be on Monday next week.

When I visited the JICA dormitory, I met the security guard Soane. He said, he will go abroad soon so it will be the last time we meet. Thank you for your hard work. I gave my bicycle light to him.

I gave the special edition (a nurse) YAMANEKO to Yuka. She is a nurse and before she came to Tonga (Jan. 2011), she had already known YAMANEKO thanks to my blog and she requested the special edition YAMANEKO. Thank you for waiting.

This is the nurse YAMANEKKO (No.315). It has a hypodermic syringe.

Recently, the new Chinese owned bakery appeared. It was my first time and my last time. Nuku’alofa city is developing rapidly.

After the bakery, I called on Melissa and gave No.316 YAMANEKO.Here is Café Escape.

At Melissa’s house, we compare her cat, Taika, and the No.316 YAMANEKO. Yes, it’s Taika YAMANEKO and was the request from Melissa.

These are YAMANEKO’s which I gave to Melissa (No.200 and No.316).

It was the last Melissa’s lesson, oh I’m sad…I really appreciate Melissa’s help.
Following that, we went for a jog. It will be my last time to come to Teufaiva stadium.

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